E-motion Savage reatreat with dorotohe on the coast of Estonia, Viirelaid private island 22.07 - 27.07.18. 


Why did we name it Savage Retreat? 

Well, the story is that on our previous workshops and retreats with Dorothe Trassl, we have had to behave like little savages - move our bodies in a ways we usually don't, use our voice in a ways we usually dont, touch and let ourselves to be touched in a ways we usually dont … All in very natural and respectful ways though.

The result of all that has been profound healing of body and mind and especially emotionally a deep experience of freedom. 

What a savage does? Says NO to status quo and run a little riot that can often bring about huge changes …. So we are ng to run our own little riot - This time we take 5 days, go to a private island that is completely cut off from this world and we gonna do all that we have done previously. 

Take a quick peek at a video made of the island: 

We gonna be even better savages than ever before, because we will have a prefect surroundings to support us, so that we can let ourselves be carried in so deeply, forget who we were and let the new, real and free self be born … 


From a more practical perspective, Dorothe Trassl is going to guide us through the extraordinary techniques of cellular trauma release, shaking, emotional release, gentle yoga, breath work and floating.

And while Dorothe gives us a break, our amazing cook will nurture our bodies with healthy organic food and smoothies. 

Taking care of the true needs of our bodies is the focus of this retreat. So we will shake the mind off and nurture our temples. We will rest well, eat well, move our bodies well and be in peace with ourselves and with the world around us. Organic and natural are the keywords - we will rediscover what is natural for us, what is healing and nurture us in that. 


What are the main benefits:

  • You will target and banish deep-seated long standing physical and emotional blockages
  • Fully clear cellular consciousness of emotional, physical and mental traumas and hurts
  • Replenish, nourish, nurture and heal your body inside out
  • Come back to your natural state of innocent health and happiness


What happens at the RETREAT:

  • Supremely gentle body work, yoga, shaking, trauma release, trembling, floating and ancient healing techniques that have been used in many cultures for centuries
  • Phenomenally healing combination of emotional process work with touch and movement
  • You will learn how to support your body to heal and return to its natural state of fulfilment and ease
  • Spend time in nature, on a private 80ha island and detox from your daily stressors, surrounded by nothing but vast blue sea. 
  • Your health will be replenished and restored on all levels
  • What's most important: quiet your mind into stillness. 
  • And fall in love with this amazing culture that is still deeply rooted in nature


Important to know:  

The venue is an old lighthouse complex on an 80ha island. It is an extremely private and romantic location. ( www.viirelaid.ee )


Transportation from Tallinn to the island is included. You will be picked up at 9:00 am on 22.07 and brought back to Tallinn 27.07 about 18:00. 

There is space for 30 participants, we will be staying in double rooms ( the rooms are very nice and romantic ).

Simplicity is the key. Life on Estonia islands is often described as going back to the roots. It is extremely healing and refreshing to your mind and body! 

End of July is usually the best weather in Estonia, the daily temperature is usually between 20-30C, the nights can be colder, around 15C. Don't worry, we will make campfires at night that will nourish us during the dark hours we spend gazing at the stars ( to be honest, Estonia is pretty unique because in the summer it doesn't really get dark. It's just an amazing play of darker colours in the sky … ) 

So the evenings and nights we will be spending in the sauna, hot tub or warm sea, gazing at the night skys and stars and having deep conversations. 


Practical stuff: 

Investment: 1195 EUR ( includes place on retreat, bed in double room, food, drinks,  transportation from Tallinn ) 

Pickup from Tallinn 22.07 at 9:00 am - we travel approximately 2,5 hours to the island.

Drop-off in Tallinnn 27.07 at approximately 18:00. 

Take time to discover Tallinn, especially its mediaeval Old Town!

For registration or more information, write to Joonas Saks, who is the organiser of this event - post@joonas.ee or fill in the form from link below.